Austin said “That is all right?

Austin said “I’m waiting for your answer.” Hank said “Well I don’t know if I have the guts to.” Austin said “That is all right?” Hank said “I am sorry I don’t want to be late to class and I will see you class with Mr. Strong.” Austin said
“Alright” and shook Hanks hand. Hank said “Goodbye” and the boys went their separate ways . Austin made it to room 16 was standing at the door with his nerves holding him in place . austin was not sure if he could go in. then out of nowhere there was a pretty in the hall. She said excuse me do you need help. Austin said yes I do.
The girl said what do you need help with. Austin said do you know who NV is. The girls said yes i know him very well. Austin asked can you take me to him. The girls said I will take you to go see him if you answer this for me your mind is confused ? Try to discard inaccurate thoughts and maybe come see us in room 37 some time. The girl grad austin’s hand and then opned the door. The door opened with a squeak nocie . Austin and the girl walked in and there was a kid in the back. The kids said would you like a Coke. Austin looked around the room and was sweating so much because the girl was holding his hand. Austin noticed there were chickens in the corner of the room and asked where did they come from. The boy in the corner said they came from the greenhouse because it was broken . Austin asked the boy in the corner what is your name. The boy in the corner said my name is NV and yours must be Austin. Austin said will that is my name. Then NV said well you must really like holding a girl's hand because you’re holding the really pretty girl in school she has two boyfriends all ready . So Austin quickly let go of the hand. The girl says well why don’t you like me. Austin says you were an angel that has fallen from heaven, but I kind a have a crush on somebody else. The girl said fair enough May because it’s cause I’m in a red that you don’t like me. Austin didn’t even notice she was in red no it’s not that you’re very, very pretty like the blonde you are. NV said that is enough, thank you MRS Q . Then she winked at Austin and left the room. NV seat do you need any help, why did you come see me. Austin said whoa I came to see you I was jumped in the hallway by the family. NV sad well, I am sorry for that, but did you notice I’m part of the family. Why are you part of the family Austin asked. Well when I came the family took me in. so I’m like a double agent because I like hanging out with everybody. I don’t like the anger that it Brings Austin said oh. NV so do you want to Coke. Austin says yes, I would love a Coke and how did you give me this piece of paper. That was left next to me when jumped me. NV said it must’ve been one of the other double agents because there’s more than one of us. Then NV Handed Austin. A Coke. Austin took the Coke and sat next to him on the couch they were talking for a while. Then the door flew Open. In game strange kid in red. NV said What’s happening. The Kid in red said nothing much oh, I saw Austin next to you who got my letter. Austin said well yeah, you gave me the letter to come see NV why. The kid in red said we want you part of our team, by the way my name is Jackson but everybody calls me J.C. Austin said all right you can call me BIG D .
J.C. Said all right and went over to the soda machine and bought hree cokes. Hey big D do you want one J.C. asked Austin said yeah thanks I will save it for later because I have one that NV just gave me. Then J.C. When to the piano that was in the corner and started to play it . The room was full of music contention. Then another person came in the room and search yo what’s up NV and J.C. J.C. Said I all ready got you a coke. The person said who is this on the couch. Austin said well my name is Austin. Oh the person said that is cool my name is J. Cole . Austin said all right. J. Cole said what are you doing in the agent's room. Austin was about to say something, but J.C. Interrupted I called him in because I want him on our team is that OK with you. J. Cole said it is fine, but excuse me, where are my manners, I am sorry to be rude. Austin said you are fine, almost everyone today has been a rude.
NV I am sorry that everyone is rude to you today . Austin said it is all right and I have met the leaders of the Families . NV said no way Austin said yes is that a big deal. J.C. Said no one knows all of the leaders. Austin said oh and the kids in white said there is a fight coming. J. Cole said what shit we better get Per paired for the fight. NV said when I The fight supposed to go down . Austin said have no idea. NV said well can you tell us the names of the leaders you meet. Austin Said I don’t remember all of them I had to carry one across the battleground at lunch time . NV looked at J.C. Then at J.Cole . Then J.C. said are you sure that was his name. Austin said I was not sure, but is was something like that. NV said to J.Cole who was leaving the room . Then J.Cole said to all of us. Now in the room there was only 3 of us. J.C. Finished his coke and said well I better get to class be for Someone find me. Austin looked over to NV Who looks back to Austin at the same time they said goodbye. J.C.said goodbye to the boat and left now in the room it’s just Austin and NV. In the room. Austin asked do you know where the workshop is. NV yes, I do it is down the 88 hallway to see double French doors and go outside and it’s in the little building out the door. Austin said thank you very much. NV got up to shake Austin‘s hand and they both left outside the door they shook hands again and they went their separate ways. As Austin walking down the hallway Walker had. Stopped Austin and said oh I saw you just come out of room 16 how did you get an invitation in there. Well Q and J.cole and NV and. J.C. Were there but J.C. invited me. ;Walker looked both ways and said you met Q.
Austin said well yeah she was the one who grabbed my hand and pulled me in the room. Worker says well you better stay away from her this is your one morning she’s mine good thing or not to beat you up today because if NV and JC really like you then I am I allowed to hate you because I’m on the agents side. Austin says well thinks I am sorry I’ll never touch her again and anyways I like a different girl. Walker says well all right I don’t give up our positions either because I’m one of the bodyguards for the family leader. Austin asked who was the leader.
Walker says it’s Pete.
Austin says what don’t you remember I was there and they Derek and Spencer grab me on either side and you were standing there next to Pete when you snap to swingers and are you moved in he kept hitting me in the belly and nobody did anything
. Walker said oh shit that was you. Austin says well yeah who are the other two bodyguards. Parker says well I don’t know which ones you’ve met but here they are there’s CJ Jared Derek and Spencer and Winston, Danny. Austin said oh Damn. Well I have to let you go because I’m not want to talk to you because we’re not in the secret room. God day to you lad and he was off. So Austin was on his way to class when you kind a got lost. Then a small boy came up to him and says hey are you lost do you need some help. Austin says well I do need some help because I’m lost The boy says well story of my color I’m not really wearing any colors I’m wearing The colors I want to wear because I think this is bullshit we are the colors . Where the brains we are the ones that actually run all this we set traps for all the above. What do you need help with well I need help with getting to the woodshop. The boy says cool that’s where I’m going to want to walk with me oh And my name is JP what is yours. Austin says my name is Austin nice to meet you JP so if you’re the brains of the school why does everybody call you that. Well everybody calls his dad because it’s not just m well everybody calls his that Because it’s not just me there’s a group of us and we hide him room 37. Austin said all right. JP said fellow me and get to class. So we stared towalk down the hall way where JC pput his hood up and they where off. They made it to the door JC asked if austin would open the door ,because somtimes some of the kid could be intins some times. Austin said all right stay be hind me and i will hope the door. The door was open the squeeking noices. Then there was a firm vioce that came from the courner of the room. Austin was super pirced who the vioce came from. The vociecame from the tall old guy. Austin said nice to see you agin mr Strong MR strong said you are late and who is this with you. Austin said it is JP. Mr. Armstrong says I really don’t care who it is just go take your seat. So Austin walked over to the room where Hank was sitting in the corner playing on his gameBoy. Then the JP said all right and went to the other side the room and sat in the corner with all the other kids that had their computers and everything else. Austin said you Hank and it was up bro. Hank said hey I didn’t even see you come in when you get here. Austin said I just got here. So Austin sat next to hang out paper to write stuff down and Hank said we just started this movie because it’s it’s on how they make baseballs and we’re just learning how to program stuff and then next semester we’re gonna learn how to build. Austin is like oh wow cool to have a paper to fill out. Tick-tock tick-tock the clock ran down almost the end of the day. hanks said are ready because i will throgh frather than you. Then the teacher said if you help clean up can go home realy. So every one came out to help clean up so they could go realy home. Tick tock the clock the clock was titcking down and the kids wrere getinganchint to get get out of hell hold they were in. a few mintuses pas and the clock ran to let out the kids. As the bell rang austin said good bye to the class and was all most on his way. Hank said please don’t bedlat to track try outs. Austin said all right and was gone. Austin ways walking down the hall and he was bucking, dipping , dogging The Family because he did not want to get hit again. It was only 2:41 so Austin want to go see who ways in room 37. He made it to room 37 . Austin was standing where the door open and the girl from realer in the day. Austin said hi Q how are you doing today. Q said you did come to see us aftert all. Austin ya I had a Question for one of you guys. So Q said all right and graded austin by his hand and pulled him in to the room.
Austin said wow I was looking around the room. Then Q says well we’re all right here who are you looking for. Austin said I am looking for JP to help me find an address for Jadon .